Visa-Free Privilege to US Citizens Extended from 21 to 30 Days


[from the Philippines Embassy website]
19 August 2013

Beginning 01 August 2013, the visa-free privilege granted to US nationals (along with several other countries) has now been extended from 21 days to 30 days, provided they are holders of a passport valid at least six months beyond the period of stay in the Philippines and a return or outward bound tickets to the country of origin or next country of destination.  Thank you.


Working Itinerary


Here’s the most stable version of an itinerary that I have. Sent this in an e-mail to Nikki for advice on whether or not I should leave for Singapore out of Kalibo or head back up to depart out of Manila (saving me money, but not time). Heck, I might decide that Singapore’s not my second stop. All I know is that I’m one flight purchase closer to seeing Nikki again and to the start of something really wild.

December 29: Depart San Francisco at 12:55 AM

December 30: I’ll be somewhere over the Pacific, crossing time lines and seriously messing up my internal clock
December 31:
Arrive in Singapore at 1:05 AM
Wait 8 hours
Depart from Singapore to Manila at 9:35 AM
Arrive in Manila at 1:10 PM
Depart from Manila for Kalibo at 3:40 PM
Arrive Kalibo at 4:50 PM